What is my project?

For this month’s project I will be running a full marketing operation for Zoi Essential Oils. Zoi Essential Oils is an online e-commerce company specializing in beard oil and hair growth serums. After doing some information searching, I noticed a lack of structure. Their Instagram page is inviting but it’s obvious that they could use an overall rebranding. Their page has a limited amount of posts and they also go long periods without posting, which in return will continue to lower their engagement and revenue. …

Pre-week Plan

This week I will focus solely on creating email marketing sequences using MailChimp and ads utilizing Facebook Ads. The purpose of this is to generate more traffic to Zoi Essential Oils’ website and Instagram page.

Email marketing and ads are an essential part of any e-commerce brand because it keeps you relevant. I know we’ve all had that moment when we all looked at our phone and saw yet another email from a brand we subscribed to and shamelessly bit the bullet to make a purchase on their website.

That is the power of marketing. As long as…

Pre-week Plan

My Goals and Tasks For The Week:

This week I’m focusing on documenting the process I will go through while creating a fully visual social media marketing campaign. The primary purpose is for me to learn out loud.

The first step is to create a spreadsheet on how I plan to lay out the Instagram feed for Zoi Essential Oils.

The main issue with the original layout of the feed was the lack of structure and theme. In our current social media-driven world, the average attention span in 2020 is 8 seconds.

With that being said, this Instagram…

Growing up, my first encounter with a dog was with my family dog, Tuscany. Tuscany was a loving and protective German Shepherd that taught me how to communicate with dogs. Communicating with a dog is an instinctual language that can only be shared between a trusting dog and caring human.

Since then, I’ve been fascinated with their behavior and origin. Being so fascinated with dogs prompted me to use PetSmart as part today’s presentation on landing page design.

After doing my research on PetSmart’s website, I noticed that their shipping FAQ section and About pages needed a whole new look…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with cameras. I bought my first camera in the twelfth grade, and not too long after, I began diving into the film world. It wasn’t until last year that I found out about BlackMagic Design, one of the world’s leading media giants. After doing a thorough search on their website and social media, I noticed that they are currently pushing a lot of content honoring art.

From the age of 19, I’ve always been intrigued about how certain men could grow beards and some couldn’t. I’ve always been able to grow a nice moustache but I constantly sought out ways to promote beard growth; that is when I stumbled upon BeardBrand’s channel on YouTube. At that moment I felt like I had been sucked into a wormhole that I had no intention of coming out of.

I would spend 3 hours at a time binge-watching self care videos on their channel, and I can honestly say that I was left feeling inspired. …

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fairly healthy guy. As an 8th grader I was involved in physical activities ranging from football to kickboxing. That choice in lifestyle prompted me to become obsessed with fitness, and has helped me remain healthy.

Unfortunately, I became so obsessed that I began going to the gym six days a week and rarely took a break. On top of that, I was ingesting high amounts of caffeine before my workouts to power through them. One fateful morning, I experienced what felt like a heart attack from all the stress…

If you’ve worked in service, then you’ve experienced customer complaints. We can all clearly recall a moment in which we tried every single thing in our power to provide excellent service to a customer, only to be met with discontent. The phrase “You can’t please everyone” is powerful because it’s true.

Fortunately though, there are things we can do to fix an unpleasant customer experience. …

Till this day the most impactful and life changing position I’ve ever held, was being a salesperson for Nordstrom. If I could equate the experience to anything, it would be the equivalent of being thrown into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim.

Now, the picture I painted in your mind may seem like a very frightening one but I choose to see it as a valuable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. No matter the lessons you learn, it’s important to see everything as an opportunity to learn. …

Picture a dam, filled to the brim with water, and practically ready to burst from all the pressure. As your eyes slowly examine it, you notice a glue-like substance adhered to the cracks holding it all together: the world’s strongest glue. That is what an operations manager is: the glue that holds the entire team together. Being an operations manager is much more than sitting behind a computer, answering calls, and telling people what to do. It’s about being able to push your team forward past their perceived mental limitations.


At the core of every thriving company out there…

Roland Arnold Agli

My name is Roland Agli, and I’m a 26 year old knowledge-seeking man. I believe in improving myself every single day. I also believe Knowledge is power.

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